Feeling Better, Back at Weight Watchers

So, after all the health woes, I saw a new hypertension specialist last week. I’m really feeling up-beat about this new doc, he took a lot of time talking with me about my family history, what’s been going on, etc.
He looked a little surprised when I handed him the list of all the meds I was taking. Eight pills a day!!! And that didn’t count the migraine meds. He said he was surprised I was able to walk in the place with all that stuff in my system!

So, new treatment plan with a few changes in my hypertension meds. Not a migraine since! Plus, after talking with him, I started looking at the other meds I was taking (antidepressants and the like) and wow, when you get to the list of “side effects” it’s a wonder I hadn’t dropped dead. Oh yeah, those recurring URI and bronchitis episodes? Thank you Cymbalta. Weight gain? Trazdone… so, considering that while I do get stressed out, I haven’t been really depressed for a long time (guess the meds did help with that) I decided to stop taking everything but my hypertension and high cholesterol meds.

Yeah, you’re supposed to wean off this stuff slowly, but I skipped the first few days and didn’t feel bad, skipped the next couple days, still felt pretty good… so I haven’t taken any antidepressants or sleeping meds for over a week now. Yes, I’ve been a little irritable and I don’t sleep quite as well, but it’s manageable. And I’m feeling very good about that. (Word to the wise, don’t go cold turkey! Check with your doctor.)

Along with the new meds, doc said, “You have to lose weight and you have to do it NOW.” So he gave me a diet plan and when I looked at it, I thought — hey, this is so much like Weight Watchers I think I’ll go back to that. Easy to track (iPhone app rocks) and healthy. I’m staying away from junk foods, sodas, alcohol (!!) and trying to stay within my daily points without using the Weekly Points. The WW program allows you to fit in just about anything, but I’m trying to use the Eat Clean menu and track with the WW tools and it’s working great.

Weigh-in isn’t until Friday, but I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds in a little less than a week. W00t! Have I finally turned the corner? Only time will tell.

But I can tell you this. If I don’t have to suffer another migraine and if I can keep my pill intake to a minimum it will be worth giving up a LOT.

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