Migraines Suck

So it wasn’t the broccoli after all. By about 3 pm that day I had a full-blown migraine coming on. For me it often starts with nausea and then the headache starts and at some point I put it together and figure out it’s a migraine coming on. You’re supposed to take the migraine RX when the symptoms first start. Well, I was at work and didn’t have anything with me. By the time I got home my eyeballs are pulsing, my hair even hurts and I can hardly see.  For me it’s a cycle where my blood pressure gets high, the migraine starts, the BP skyrockets, the migraine is worse, etc.

I’ve now had three migraine attacks in less than a week. Ugh!

So what all this means is that my hypertension is once again out of control, and the doc is going to be tinkering with my BP meds. Already been to the doc the day after migraine #1 and got a different third med. Yes, I have 3 blood pressure meds that I take everyday!

But something is still not working right. So I may have to go back to the doctor’s again or make another meds change in less than a week.

What this has meant for my eating program is that I didn’t really get to complete Week 1 because there were 2-3 days when I ate almost nothing. So I decided to repeat Week 1. Since Friday I’ve been doing pretty well. I got in all my servings (except a Dairy here and there) through the weekend. I was short on Dairy and fruit last night, so I made a big smoothie to take care of that.

I also got a dry-erase board for the fridge. I can check off each serving as I eat them during the day. It’s a nice visual to help me keep track.

Oh yeah, I did lose 2 pounds last week, but probably because I didn’t eat for 2-3 days. Not the best method.

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