Week 1: Get All Daily Servings

So, sticking with this new plan to concentrate on 1 major change each week…

Week 1: Get my daily servings from the Food Pyramid. I have a really hard time getting in the recommended servings of vegetables and dairy (I HATE milk). According to the website, I should be having the following every day:
* 6 oz. Grains
* 2.5 cups of Vegetables (tho they do count starches like potatoes in there)
* 2 cups Fruit (no problemo)
* 3 cups Dairy. How am I going to get 3 cups/day??? I’m doing good to get 1 cup of yogurt/day. This will be hard for me
* 5.5 oz Lean Meat/Beans (again, this is not a problem, I just need to make sure it’s LEAN)

Started on Friday, so today is Day 4. So far, I did really well on Friday and Saturday (missed 1 Dairy each day). Sunday, well, it was challenging. I did great in the morning (yogurt and fresh berries) and at lunch (chicken fried rice – with brown rice). Then dinnertime came around and we stopped for Mexican. I did NOT get a margarita (or three). But I didn’t get any appreciable veggies (maybe 1 for the onions) and it was a pretty high calorie/fat meal. I was stuffed so I didn’t even want to eat anything later (like sugarfree pudding) to get in that last Dairy.

But I did do something right before I went to bed last night. I packed my food for today. My oatmeal, pear, orange, broccoli, carrots, yogurt, pudding, turkey, baked potato and greek yogurt dip. If I manage to eat all of this I should get in all my Dairy, my Veggies, my Fruit, several Grains and 2-3 oz of protein. I think that the cut up veggies and the greek yogurt dip will really help me with my 2 problem areas: Dairy and Veggies.
(Note to self… don’t try to eat a whole cup of raw broccoli in a single meal. Ugh, my tummy hurts!)

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