New Inspirations

I’ve run across several blogs, podcasts, and such that have reinvigorated me to start posting regularly. Trying for weekly. I’ve set a reminder in Outlook, so maybe that will help.

Yesterday’s WI was 211, bf% 39.4  Going in the right direction, slowly but surely.

I’m still working on the Eating Clean program but I’m going to try a few more things over the coming 6 weeks.

I ran across a GREAT blog on Slate magazine ( called the Clean Plate ( Ellen Tarlin started a photoblog of everything she ate for 6 weeks. Each week she concentrated on a different aspect of healthy eating. Her 6 goals:
Week 1: Start eating the required daily servings for each food group according the the USDA Food Pyramid. Great online tools at
Week 2: Reduce food costs, track what is spent each day
Week 3: Eat meditatively
Week 4: Identify temptations and plan how to avoid
Week 5: Try new foods
Week 6: Put it all together

I really liked the idea of having a weekly goal. Sometimes it seems that changing everything at once is just overwhelming. But I have a few different issues/goals than Ellen (she didn’t really need to lose weight, just wanted to be healthier). So after much consideration, here’s my 6-week plan:

Week 1: Get my daily servings from the Food Pyramid. I have a really hard time getting in the recommended servings of vegetables and dairy (I HATE milk). According to the website, I should be having the following every day:
* 6 oz. Grains
* 2.5 cups of Vegetables (tho they do count starches like potatoes in there)
* 2 cups Fruit (no problemo)
* 3 cups Dairy. How am I going to get 3 cups/day??? I’m doing good to get 1 cup of yogurt/day. This will be hard for me
* 5.5 oz Lean Meat/Beans (again, this is not a problem, I just need to make sure it’s LEAN)

Week 2:  Track everything I eat. I’ve been tracking since Mar. 1, but I seem to miss tracking on the weekends. Week 2 will be dedicated to making sure that every Taste, Lick, Bite, etc. is written down.

Week 3: No processed foods. The Eating Clean plan already encourages fresh foods and no pre-packaged meals. Every once in a while things sneak into my meals, usually when I’m not prepared. I’ll need to find a substitute for Gatorade… (already gave up sodas for Lent).

Week 4: Eating meditatively. I enjoyed Ellen’s post about that week. She was timing how long she took to eat her meals and was horrified at how fast she was downing her food. I know that I have a bad tendency when I’m working or very busy to just bolt my food, hardly tasting it. Week 4 I will not worry so much about the daily servings or the no processed foods but I will SIT DOWN and eat each meal and snack; I will TASTE my food; I will take small bites and SAVOR the experience.

Week 5: Try a new food or recipe every day. I tend to get in a rut with my meals when I’m dieting. Then I get bored. Then I splurge…. and then I forget to get back on track. Spicing things up literally and figuratively will help with that boredom, I hope.

Week 6: Formulate the new plan for going forward. This will be incorporating all the skills I’ve learned up to Week 6. Hopefully I’ll be able to combine all these together and it will be my lifelong eating regimen.

So when do I start my week? Saturday when I have shopping time? Monday, the traditional start of the week? I’ve been weighing on Tuesdays… I think that I’m going to change my WI day and officially start my Week 1 on Friday, March 11. That’s tomorrow! Eeeek. So my WI won’t show much change, that’s OK. I did just go to the store yesterday and was going to pick up the last few things today. Veggies, Dairy… I need a plan.

Eating right alone won’t do it for me if I want to keep losing. Gotta workout and workout HARD. Monday was my first day back at the gym. This month I’m trying something new: Kickboxing. It’s a HARD workout. I’m really sore all over after Monday and Wednesday. I’m going to go to 3 sessions/week and then Saturday either walk/run on the Greenway or do the Pilates class if the weather is bad.

BTW, a plug for a fellow traveler on the weight-loss journey: and The Shrinking Man podcast (on iTunes). Doc has already lost more than 100 lbs and I’m really enjoying the podcast.

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