Long time, no Post

Man, I have been so slack since Christmas. My excuses: Holidays, Bronchitis, Football, Snow…. I could go on. But this is a NO EXCUSES zone! I am planning on signing up for Boot Camp again in March. Need Travis to kick my bootay and the routine really helps keep me motivated. My size 16 jeans are getting tight again — Noooo!

Started this week back on the Eat Clean program. It’s not really hard and I haven’t been hungry except when I forgot to eat. Lots of veggies, oatmeal every morning…

I love it that the Junkies are helping each other. I’ll be trying to post more frequently and checking their blogs too!

Warrior Babe Out — heading to Ikea.

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One Response to Long time, no Post

  1. Good Luck! We will support you all the way. We have roughly the same ammount to loose (47lbs for me). I’m weighing in tomorrow after completing the first week 🙂 It’s not been easy, but it’s done.

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