Back from the Cruise

I managed to get through Thanksgiving and a week-long cruise and only gained about 3 pounds. There was much over-indulgence in food and booze. I didn’t hold back.

I did exercise several times over the vacation and we did a lot of stair climbing on the ship and walking. I’m sure that helped. Probably should’ve done more.

Today was back to Boot Camp. Ugh! Travis was trying to kill me, or at least make me beg for mercy (mission accomplished on the begging). I’m going to be sore tomorrow. But I’m glad to be back in the swing of things.

Started back on Eating Clean yesterday (Monday) and that feels good too. I really, really want to look good when Spring rolls around in 2011. I know I’m MUCH stronger and healthier than when I started this journey back in May 2010. BUT, there’s still too much of my butt, and belly.

I was really depressed when I saw the pictures from the cruise. To me, I still look like the same fat broad. What’s up with that? I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14 jeans.  (Which still fit after the cruise, BTW.) But I think I still look awful, can hardly tell there’s a change in my appearance. Shouldn’t 8 sizes show some progress?

I’m trying to use the disappointment to motivate myself, but it’s hard.  I did a good job with my eating today: steel cut oatmeal, roasted chicken and veggies, an orange, burrito bowl. Except for the white rice in the burrito bowl it was all “on program.”

Baby steps… one day at a time… Hanging in there.

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