My New Friend, Spanx

Yes, its the girdle for the new millenium. And it does give a smoother fit. I could zip up the size 14 jeans already but it was a snug fit. Yeah! 14’s Woo Hoo

The Spanx made it fit nicer. And I do believe that it helps keep me mindful of not over-eating. Kind of like wearing really tight pants for Thanksgiving.

The purchase was inspired by the upcoming cruise. I wish I had lost a little more weight before the vacation, but size 14 is great progress (started at size 22 in June).

My feet finally healed up enough from the 1/2 marathon to go get a pedicure last weekend. Lots of gross dead skin from blisters. Now my feet are all smooth and toenails are purple. I’m thinking of changing to this bright blue for vacation.

I was eating really well the last couple of weeks. Started working towards Eating Clean. I might look on the surface like yet another “fad” diet, but the principles are the same I have heard over and over. Cut out the processed foods, sugary stuff, alcohol very limited. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. It was a lot harder this week, cause I was sick (URI #1 for the cold/flu season). I just wanted comfort foods. So I’ll hop back on track AFTER the cruise.

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