Only 2 Days Left! Eeek!

Yes, Saturday is the big day. The Silver Comet Half-Marathon. (Trumpets sounding a flourish in the background). Wow. Exciting and more than a little scary.

Missed Boot Camp last night due to car trouble. Stupid car. But I don’t mind too much. I wanted to take it kind of easy this week. Should be able to make it tonight and then nothing but stretching tomorrow.

I met a woman this week who is also going to be running the race. She’s going to be running, I will be jog/walking. She’s run move than 50 marathons. And got up every day this week to run 10 miles before going in to a class. That’s being in some kind of incredible shape. She was very encouraging and gave me a little pep talk. I hope she wins. (No, really, she WINS when she runs, like getting a check or prize!)

I will consider just completing the race to be a HUGE win for me. I couldn’t even jog around the block back in July!

And afterwards, some champagne, some eating and drinking. And Sleeping. Zzzzzz. And I’m definitely going to get a massage early next week. If my feet aren’t raw meat from blisters I want a pedicure. Might have to wait a couple weeks on that. Man are my feet looking rough. But my toenails are a pretty purple, so that’s fun.

Then next week, it’s time to stop eating junk and concentrate on eating healthy. I want to lose a few more pounds before the cruise. Now that’s something to get really excited about. Western Caribbean, 7 nights. This time even though I won’t be svelte (yet!) I will look better and feel better in my clothes. I will be able to do any of the walks, hikes, excursions that I want to do without worrying about holding other people up due to my being out of shape.

I weighed in a couple days ago and was down to 207 and down almost 1% in the bodyfat from a month ago. I guess I’m getting denser.

What a journey! This is a big landmark, I’m not finished yet, but I’m making progress.

That’s all for now.

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