Not as sore as I expected

Saturday was 9 miles. I did a run/walk where I probably ran (jogged) about half. I improved my time over last week, finished in 2:37 for 9 miles vs 2:30 for 8 miles. I think that getting my workout playlist was a big help. I love the Motion Traxx podcasts. They help me get in a rythm and that’s really important for me. Just zone out on everything and keep up with the beat. One step at a time.

The first couple of miles totally sucked, I just felt tired. By about mile 3 I was getting into it. Enjoying the day, the weather was perfect, chipmunks and squirels running across the path. At the halfway point, I was charged up — I was still keeping to a 14 minute/mile pace and felt really good. Once I got to the last 2.5 miles it was a bit harder, so I walked more but still kept the same pace. I STILL jog slower than I can walk!

So the 9 miles wasn’t as hard as I had expected. And I’m not as horribly sore as I thought I would be. Only one new blister — I tried putting “moleskin” on the places of the recurring blisters and it worked — no blisters on the heels this time. I came home and was already stiffening up from the ride from the Y to the house, walking in like a 90-year-old woman. Then I soaked in the tub with the water as cold as I could stand it for about 15 minutes. A friend recommended that little technique. Seems to have helped.

Still sore, but I can walk around today without problems. Stairs are a little tricky, a moan here and there. I did wonder yesterday afternoon when I was bone-deep exhausted whether this whole 1/2 marathon thing was just crazy. I’m spending hours and hours running, then I’m pretty useless the rest of Saturday. I fell asleep during the UGA game (although it was getting pretty boring, score was 35 – 0 for Georgia when I stopped watching). It did ocurr to me to question whether all this time, effort and pain is a reasonable thing to do.

Reasonable? Maybe not. But it’s only 13 days away. Crazy or not, I’m going to be out there Oct. 30 and I will finish. I just hope I’m not DEAD last… but if I am, at least I finished what I wanted to accomplish.

I am eating whatever I want these next weeks, lots of protein, good carbs, taking my vitamins — especially D and C. I don’t expect to lose any weight this week, but I can tell that my legs and abs are really getting stronger.

Monday is Boot Camp, Tuesday is rest, Wednesday is Boot Camp, Thursday Boot Camp, Friday is 5 miles, Saturday is 10 miles. w00t

It’s mind over body, over pain — determination. I’m getting lots of support from hubby and the kids. They keep telling me how proud they are. That’s really helping me keep going. Thanks guys!

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