Less than 3 Weeks to 1/2 Marathon

17 Days to 1/2 Marathon

Wow, not much time left. This past weekend I ran (really, ran mostly) 4 miles on Friday; 8 miles on Saturday. Eight miles is a long, damn way. It took me 2.5 hours, probably because I was jogging almost all the way. I really do go faster when I walk/jog. A blister on each heal and I was pretty sore all the rest of the day and Sunday… and Monday. Not sure what I’m going to do about this blister problem.  My daughter says that there’s nothing that can be done — you just wait until your skin gets tougher. Probably not going to get calluses before the 1/2…

2.5 hours — not a great pace, almost 19 min/mile. I need to pick up the pace.  The run/walk method will help. I guess we’ll see this Saturday when I do my 9 mile day. 9 miles!!!!

Signed up for the next 4 weeks of Boot Camp. Travis, my boot camp instructor/personal trainer/sadist in-training has been working my ass off. Last Thursday this was the program:

Round 1: 15 jumping jacks, 15 squat jumps, 15 lunges, 15 push-ups, 15 mountain climbers, 15 bicycle sit-ups

Round 2: see round 1, but its 30 for each. 30 push-ups is A F’ing Lot of Push-ups

Round 3 (yes, round 3): 45 lunges, 45 push-ups, 45 mountain climbers (yeah, take a few things off the list, since I’m about to DIE). If you thought 30 push-ups was a lot, then 45 is just Crazy. The last 25 or so were not pretty, not really push-ups, but I did move. Then collapsed in a pool of my own sweat.

So, yes — I’m getting in much better shape. I haven’t lost much weight lately. Weighed in at 210 this morning. But the next 17 days will be no alcohol (except for Saturday at the play) until after the 1/2 marathon. So that should help with the weight loss. Way too many empty calories in booze lately. After the race, a more concentrated effort on the eating part.

There are seven weeks until our cruise to the Caribbean. I want to look Good.  It would be great to get into a size 12 by then.  I tried on the 14s on Monday, but they were too tight.

That’s about it for now.

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