Did I mention the half-marathon?

As of today, it’s one month and 8 days until the Silver Comet Half Marathon. I have already paid my money and I’m going to finally do this thing. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, I expect to be half-dead at the end. But, I think it will give me a real sense of accomplishment. Sort of my version of climbing a mountain (afraid of heights!)

I’ve got a running schedule planned out for the next 5 weeks. I did 2.5 miles Thursday and Friday last week, then 5 miles on Saturday. This week it’s 3 miles two days/week and then 6.2 miles on Saturday (running the Lightening 10K).

After doing kick boxing twice last week, my left wrist said — STOP, you crazy fool! I had to wear a brace for the next few days. Guess these 47 year-old bones and joints aren’t meant for Extreme punching. It was fun and I really liked getting to smash and kick the bag… oh well, I’ll have to find another way to get my stress relief.

I didn’t do very well at all this weekend as far as eating goes. Something about watching football on TV makes me want beer and nachos. But I still managed to lose 2 pounds — down to 206 this morning. Soon, soon I will drop into the 100s.  Big celebration that day.

Update: the Lightening 10K was rough. My feet were doing the numb thing, I got blisters on both feet AND worst of all, I needed to go to the bathroom the last 4 miles. It’s really hard to push yourself when you deperately need to go Number 2. Sorry, can’t put it any more delicately.

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