Week One

So, it’s really not week one since I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since November 2009. But it’s Week One for the Warrior Babe Transformation Plan. 

My week starts on Friday, it’s weigh in day at WW (though that’s probably going to change to Tuesdays, more about that later) 

Exercise Plan: 

Friday: Upper body resistance training. 

Saturday: Pilates class at the YMCA.

Workout room
The workout room in the garage. Needs some color!


Sunday: Lower body resistance training. Hubby joined me this morning. It was a HARD workout. Lunges – I hate them. But I’m already feeling it. Feeling stronger, a little sore, but it’s a good kind of sore. 

Monday: Day Off. I am starting a new job, so I’m going to have to figure out how long it will take me to get there. The big plus is that there is a Weight Watchers meeting location just across the street! I’m going to change my weigh-in (WI) day to Tuesdays so that I can still see my favorite WW Leader. Plus a beginning of the week WI will help me keep on track on the weekends. 

Tuesday: Upper body 

Wednesday: Cardio – intervals 

Thursday: Lower body 

Food Plan: 

Tracking your food is one of the very important techniques of the Weight Watchers program. And the eating plan for Body-for-Life fits in very well with that. The big difference in WW vs. BFL is that BFL wants you to eat six small meals a day (protein plus a carb and veggie at least 3 of the 6 meals). BFL also endorses a 6-day/week program with one day “off” each week.  WW gives you a lot more flexibility with a set amount of daily points that you can use however you want plus weekly points for splurges and “extras.” 

So, I’m going to try to stick with both plans:1) Eat six small meals each day (and stay within daily points). I’ll get a more balanced mix of protein, good carbs and veggies in order to meet the six meal requirement. 2) Have one day a week that is more relaxed, but still must fit within the weekly WW points. This week will be Wednesday — Cinco de Mayo! Arriba!

 3) Water! At least 8-10 glasses per day. Both plans are big on water. I’m going to try to wean myself off Diet Coke and substitute iced tea and water.

 4) Take my multivitamin, a vitamin C supplement, and Calcium with Vitamin D every day. Three more pills, oh joy!

 It’s going to require a little extra planning, but that’s a good thing. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

 Update: How Did I Do on Week 1?

 Well, best laid plans and all that… You’d think that I could stick to the plan for one week! One lousy, stinking week!

 Friday: Upper body resistance training. Followed the Body-for-Life exercise plan. Took a little extra time to get organized, but I gave it 100% and finished in 44 minutes. Used the balance ball for the exercises that normally use a weight bench. I could tell that it was really working my legs and butt to keep my balance. I think I’ll keep doing that, even though I have a bench.  

 Saturday: Made it to Pilates class followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the recumbent bike. I love Pilates, it’s really challenging for me. Came home and cleaned out a corner of the garage to have a decent space to put the weights and bench. Got a fan set up for when it starts getting hot (with remote!) I already had the bench and most of the dumbells that I needed, so there wasn’t much of an investment required.

Sunday: Lower body resistance training. It was a HARD workout. Lunges – I hate them. I was sore for three days. Might want to ease up a bit on the lunges.

Monday: Was supposed to be a day off, but ended up walking 2 miles. Needed to stretch out my legs anyway. Ouch! 

Tuesday: Upper body. Hubby watched the kidlets and I worked out. (Thank you, sweetie!) Pushed a littler harder and it felt good.

Wednesday: Cinco de Mayo. Oh boy, did I really drink that many margaritas? There goes all my weekly points… And no workout. 

Thursday: Nope, no exercise. And had two beers. Shame on me!

Normally that would be the end of the “week,” but I’m changing from one Weight Watcher location to one close to the new office and from Friday weigh-in to Tuesdays. So… here’s the rest of week 1.5:

Friday: No exercise again! Mom and Dad are in town for the weekend. Gotta figure out a way to get the workouts in when stuff like this happens.

Saturday: We went to the state park and walked and walked. It was a gorgeous day and felt good to get moving. Had some sangria, but I planned the picnic and brought very healthy food options. Lots of fruit and veggies!

Sunday: Got up early and worked out. Lower body resistance. Didn’t do quite as many lunges this time. Worked hard, but I could walk without pain the next day. Oh, and finished off the sangria. That’s about all the extras I can have until next week.

Monday: Day off from exercising, but doing really well on the food plan.

Tuesday: Went to my  Weight Watchers meeting for first WI at the new center by the new office. Down 2 pounds! Celebrate! W00t!!

The Results  

So, I didn’t quite make the plan last week. I did stay within my Weight Watchers daily and weekly points. And I worked out 4/7 days. And I lost 2 pounds. I feel good about the new program. Just think, if I actually meet my weekly exercise goal of 6/7 days how fast the pounds will come off. Baby steps…I want to keep improving. This is for me and I CAN DO IT!

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  1. Secret Admirer says:

    You’re awesome! I grin every time I think of you!!

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