Getting Organized

I read a lot of books, many of those books are diet, fitness, or health-related. Guess what? Even if you read the entire book, your body doesn’t transform into thinner, toned, or healthy. Stunning realization, I know.

So, after reading all these wonderful books, I have the knowledge I need — I can identify the elements of a healthy diet. I like both the Weight Watchers and the South Beach Diet approaches. You don’t starve, and you can eat from all food groups. You can even work “extras” like pizza, beer, or ice cream into your week. You can have anything you want, if you plan for it. You just can’t eat a huge portion and you can’t have it everyday.

I know about exercising and the importance of strength training in revving up my metabolism and losing fat and looking better. There are a conflicting schools of thought on how long, how often, how intense a workout needs to be in order to see results. More and more, the experts are pointing towards interval training to get a better workout in less time. I’ve worked out with a personal trainer before and once I start doing the weight-training, I really enjoy it.

My Tools

So I know what to do, what kinds of tools do I have to help me?

  • Weight Watchers e-Tools: the e-Tools are available if you are an online member or if you pay for your membership monthly. I even downloaded the food tracker to my iTouch. I can track all my food  and activity online, it calculates my daily points and how many weekly points I have left. Sure, you can do it on paper, but this is much easier for me since I sit at a computer all day.
  • Body for Life by Bill Phillips: This book came out several years ago, but Phillips has a lot of good advice. In addition, his strength-training and exercise program is something that I think I can stick with. I’m not going to formally enter the 12-week challenge, but I will be using the 12-weeks as a milestone and his motivational plan as a framework.
  • Wii Fit: We bought a Wii game system a couple of years ago. I used it for a while and then, gradually stopped. The Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are fun and I plan on using them as part of my exercise plan.
  • YMCA membership: We have a family membership. I have been intermittantly going to Pilates classes and they have a complete Cybex weight system and all the cardio equipment you could want. I really like the Pilates class since my abs are sore for at least 2 days afterwards. (That means its working, right?)
  • Exercise DVDs: I got two DVDs at Christmastime: the “30 Day Shred” by Jillian Michaels and “Pilates for Weight Loss” with Ana Caban. Both were highly recommended by people on Amazon and on the Weight Watchers forums. Yes, they are still in the shrink-wrap. Wait, wait, now they have been opened!
  • Dumbells and a barbell: I have hand weights in several sizes and there’s a weight bench and barbell in the garage.
  • The Koda Bear

    A puppy that loves to play & play & play

  • Walking shoes: I have a good pair of walking shoes and plenty of places to safely walk. I even have a dog that LOVES to walk with me.

So, no more excuses. Time to “Just Do It!” Apply the knowledge, use the tools I have right here!


Am I Ready to Change?

Time for a little introspection. One of the first things in the “Body for Life” book is a chapter about making the decision to change. Phillips says that you should write down your reasons for wanting to change and read them every morning and every night.

My Reasons to Change

  1. I am unhappy with the way I look. I don’t want to have my daughter grow up with a “fat mom.”
  2. I want to feel better, have more energy. I want to play with the kids and my grandkids. 
  3. I want to get rid of some of my daily medications. I take 5-6 pills Every Day! It’s expensive (more than $200/month after insurance).
  4. I want to reduce the perimenopausal symptoms like Hot Flashes. What a treat! All the fun of menopause like night sweats and hot flashes while still having to deal with my period! It totally sucks to have cramps AND hot flashes at the same time. I know that losing weight will help reduce those symptoms.

What’s My Future Vision?

The mind is a powerful tool in this transformation process. Envisioning where you want to be is something you will read over and over in various diet and health programs. I like having inspirational pictures and quotes on my wall to look at.

Jillian Michaels

That's a Warrior Babe!

So, if I had to pick a vision for my fabulousness, I would pick Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels. She’s really toned and yet doesn’t have that scary-looking weight-lifter body.

Yes, I have a long way to got — but now I have a destination.

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