What a difference!

So Tuesday was my 2 week weigh-in since rejoining Weight Watchers. I was at 204.5! That’s 7 lbs in 2 weeks. A bit fast, but consider that I’m changing my medications and got back to exercising. (I can almost see Onederland (when my weight will start with a 1 instead of a 2).)

As for the de-toxing from cymbalta and the other antidepressant/sleeping pills, it went great the first week. Didn’t really miss it at all. Well, had a little trouble staying asleep all night, but it was Spring Break so I slept in a little. This past week was a little more challenging. I find that I have almost zero tolerance for frustration theses days, yet no shortage of extremely frustrating situations. I’m lucky that my husband dearly loves and understands  me and has been able to weather Hurricane Beth so far. (Love you, Babe!)

Been really concentrating on tracking my food the past two weeks. I think I’ve gotten just about every little thing in my WW tracker. What hasn’t been as easy is keeping up with eating all of my fruits/veggies and milk portions. It’s easy to get thru the day, use up all my points (on healthy choices) and still not get enough veggies or milk.

My plan for the next phase (Week 3) was to cut out all packaged foods. I don’t think I’m going to be able to tackle that this coming week. We’re going out of town for a few days, so I won’t be doing the cooking and that means less control over what I eat.

Instead, I think I’m going to re-double my efforts to both Track and Eat All  Recommended Food Servings (They call them Good Health Guidelines at WW). I can do this on the road, just as easily as I can at home.

What went well this week:

1) Tracking every meal every day
2) Lost another 3 pounds
3) Exercised Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Three days at the Y or walking outdoors and 3 kick-boxing classes. Thursday is going to be my day of rest for the next few weeks. It was disappointing to me last week that my endurance was so poor. It’s getting better quickly. I hope I can still do the Warrior Dash in May.

Lessons Learned

1) Plan ahead and be prepared. I thought I would get a snack at Planet Smoothie before working out and then have a light dinner after class. Well, even though I picked one of their “Lower Calorie” options, when I went to put it in the tracker it was 9 points! When you consider that I get 29 points for the entire day, that was way too much for a snack.

2) Make sure to have plenty of smoothie frozen fruit and yogurt at the house. It’s a good way for me to get in a fruit/milk and I was sad when I ran out and didn’t have time to go to the store.

3) I’m tired of water and tea. Not sure what to do about that, add lemon, get more tea flavors? I was dying for a Diet Coke yesterday and ended up having one today. Once in a while is OK, but it’s a slippery slope for me to go from 1 Diet Coke to 44 oz every morning!

That’s about it for this week. I’m starting to feel like the WarriorBabe again!

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Feeling Better, Back at Weight Watchers

So, after all the health woes, I saw a new hypertension specialist last week. I’m really feeling up-beat about this new doc, he took a lot of time talking with me about my family history, what’s been going on, etc.
He looked a little surprised when I handed him the list of all the meds I was taking. Eight pills a day!!! And that didn’t count the migraine meds. He said he was surprised I was able to walk in the place with all that stuff in my system!

So, new treatment plan with a few changes in my hypertension meds. Not a migraine since! Plus, after talking with him, I started looking at the other meds I was taking (antidepressants and the like) and wow, when you get to the list of “side effects” it’s a wonder I hadn’t dropped dead. Oh yeah, those recurring URI and bronchitis episodes? Thank you Cymbalta. Weight gain? Trazdone… so, considering that while I do get stressed out, I haven’t been really depressed for a long time (guess the meds did help with that) I decided to stop taking everything but my hypertension and high cholesterol meds.

Yeah, you’re supposed to wean off this stuff slowly, but I skipped the first few days and didn’t feel bad, skipped the next couple days, still felt pretty good… so I haven’t taken any antidepressants or sleeping meds for over a week now. Yes, I’ve been a little irritable and I don’t sleep quite as well, but it’s manageable. And I’m feeling very good about that. (Word to the wise, don’t go cold turkey! Check with your doctor.)

Along with the new meds, doc said, “You have to lose weight and you have to do it NOW.” So he gave me a diet plan and when I looked at it, I thought — hey, this is so much like Weight Watchers I think I’ll go back to that. Easy to track (iPhone app rocks) and healthy. I’m staying away from junk foods, sodas, alcohol (!!) and trying to stay within my daily points without using the Weekly Points. The WW program allows you to fit in just about anything, but I’m trying to use the Eat Clean menu and track with the WW tools and it’s working great.

Weigh-in isn’t until Friday, but I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds in a little less than a week. W00t! Have I finally turned the corner? Only time will tell.

But I can tell you this. If I don’t have to suffer another migraine and if I can keep my pill intake to a minimum it will be worth giving up a LOT.

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Really bummed

I’m still having trouble with my blood pressure. The doc is still tinkering with my meds, and I still feel really bad every afternoon.I can’t go workout until this BP thing gets more stable, and working out is one of the things that really helps me feel better when I’m down in the dumps.

I have done much better on the Week 1 goal of getting all my servings in. The whiteboard on the fridge is helping. Tomorrow starts Week 2 — Tracking everything!!!

I have my little pocket calendar that’s just big enough to write in what I’m eating each day. I might also try tracking on my iPhone. But it’s gotta get written down if I put it in my mouth!
I bought lots of yummy fruits and veggies at the store yesterday, so I have plenty of good options to choose from.

Right now, starting to feel yucky. I’ll go take my BP and lay down for awhile. This is really starting to get me down.

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Migraines Suck

So it wasn’t the broccoli after all. By about 3 pm that day I had a full-blown migraine coming on. For me it often starts with nausea and then the headache starts and at some point I put it together and figure out it’s a migraine coming on. You’re supposed to take the migraine RX when the symptoms first start. Well, I was at work and didn’t have anything with me. By the time I got home my eyeballs are pulsing, my hair even hurts and I can hardly see.  For me it’s a cycle where my blood pressure gets high, the migraine starts, the BP skyrockets, the migraine is worse, etc.

I’ve now had three migraine attacks in less than a week. Ugh!

So what all this means is that my hypertension is once again out of control, and the doc is going to be tinkering with my BP meds. Already been to the doc the day after migraine #1 and got a different third med. Yes, I have 3 blood pressure meds that I take everyday!

But something is still not working right. So I may have to go back to the doctor’s again or make another meds change in less than a week.

What this has meant for my eating program is that I didn’t really get to complete Week 1 because there were 2-3 days when I ate almost nothing. So I decided to repeat Week 1. Since Friday I’ve been doing pretty well. I got in all my servings (except a Dairy here and there) through the weekend. I was short on Dairy and fruit last night, so I made a big smoothie to take care of that.

I also got a dry-erase board for the fridge. I can check off each serving as I eat them during the day. It’s a nice visual to help me keep track.

Oh yeah, I did lose 2 pounds last week, but probably because I didn’t eat for 2-3 days. Not the best method.

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Week 1: Get All Daily Servings

So, sticking with this new plan to concentrate on 1 major change each week…

Week 1: Get my daily servings from the Food Pyramid. I have a really hard time getting in the recommended servings of vegetables and dairy (I HATE milk). According to the website, I should be having the following every day:
* 6 oz. Grains
* 2.5 cups of Vegetables (tho they do count starches like potatoes in there)
* 2 cups Fruit (no problemo)
* 3 cups Dairy. How am I going to get 3 cups/day??? I’m doing good to get 1 cup of yogurt/day. This will be hard for me
* 5.5 oz Lean Meat/Beans (again, this is not a problem, I just need to make sure it’s LEAN)

Started on Friday, so today is Day 4. So far, I did really well on Friday and Saturday (missed 1 Dairy each day). Sunday, well, it was challenging. I did great in the morning (yogurt and fresh berries) and at lunch (chicken fried rice – with brown rice). Then dinnertime came around and we stopped for Mexican. I did NOT get a margarita (or three). But I didn’t get any appreciable veggies (maybe 1 for the onions) and it was a pretty high calorie/fat meal. I was stuffed so I didn’t even want to eat anything later (like sugarfree pudding) to get in that last Dairy.

But I did do something right before I went to bed last night. I packed my food for today. My oatmeal, pear, orange, broccoli, carrots, yogurt, pudding, turkey, baked potato and greek yogurt dip. If I manage to eat all of this I should get in all my Dairy, my Veggies, my Fruit, several Grains and 2-3 oz of protein. I think that the cut up veggies and the greek yogurt dip will really help me with my 2 problem areas: Dairy and Veggies.
(Note to self… don’t try to eat a whole cup of raw broccoli in a single meal. Ugh, my tummy hurts!)

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New Inspirations

I’ve run across several blogs, podcasts, and such that have reinvigorated me to start posting regularly. Trying for weekly. I’ve set a reminder in Outlook, so maybe that will help.

Yesterday’s WI was 211, bf% 39.4  Going in the right direction, slowly but surely.

I’m still working on the Eating Clean program http://www.eatcleandiet.com/ but I’m going to try a few more things over the coming 6 weeks.

I ran across a GREAT blog on Slate magazine (www.slate.com) called the Clean Plate (http://www.slate.com/BLOGS/blogs/cleanplate/). Ellen Tarlin started a photoblog of everything she ate for 6 weeks. Each week she concentrated on a different aspect of healthy eating. Her 6 goals:
Week 1: Start eating the required daily servings for each food group according the the USDA Food Pyramid. Great online tools at http://www.mypyramid.gov/tools.html
Week 2: Reduce food costs, track what is spent each day
Week 3: Eat meditatively
Week 4: Identify temptations and plan how to avoid
Week 5: Try new foods
Week 6: Put it all together

I really liked the idea of having a weekly goal. Sometimes it seems that changing everything at once is just overwhelming. But I have a few different issues/goals than Ellen (she didn’t really need to lose weight, just wanted to be healthier). So after much consideration, here’s my 6-week plan:

Week 1: Get my daily servings from the Food Pyramid. I have a really hard time getting in the recommended servings of vegetables and dairy (I HATE milk). According to the website, I should be having the following every day:
* 6 oz. Grains
* 2.5 cups of Vegetables (tho they do count starches like potatoes in there)
* 2 cups Fruit (no problemo)
* 3 cups Dairy. How am I going to get 3 cups/day??? I’m doing good to get 1 cup of yogurt/day. This will be hard for me
* 5.5 oz Lean Meat/Beans (again, this is not a problem, I just need to make sure it’s LEAN)

Week 2:  Track everything I eat. I’ve been tracking since Mar. 1, but I seem to miss tracking on the weekends. Week 2 will be dedicated to making sure that every Taste, Lick, Bite, etc. is written down.

Week 3: No processed foods. The Eating Clean plan already encourages fresh foods and no pre-packaged meals. Every once in a while things sneak into my meals, usually when I’m not prepared. I’ll need to find a substitute for Gatorade… (already gave up sodas for Lent).

Week 4: Eating meditatively. I enjoyed Ellen’s post about that week. She was timing how long she took to eat her meals and was horrified at how fast she was downing her food. I know that I have a bad tendency when I’m working or very busy to just bolt my food, hardly tasting it. Week 4 I will not worry so much about the daily servings or the no processed foods but I will SIT DOWN and eat each meal and snack; I will TASTE my food; I will take small bites and SAVOR the experience.

Week 5: Try a new food or recipe every day. I tend to get in a rut with my meals when I’m dieting. Then I get bored. Then I splurge…. and then I forget to get back on track. Spicing things up literally and figuratively will help with that boredom, I hope.

Week 6: Formulate the new plan for going forward. This will be incorporating all the skills I’ve learned up to Week 6. Hopefully I’ll be able to combine all these together and it will be my lifelong eating regimen.

So when do I start my week? Saturday when I have shopping time? Monday, the traditional start of the week? I’ve been weighing on Tuesdays… I think that I’m going to change my WI day and officially start my Week 1 on Friday, March 11. That’s tomorrow! Eeeek. So my WI won’t show much change, that’s OK. I did just go to the store yesterday and was going to pick up the last few things today. Veggies, Dairy… I need a plan.

Eating right alone won’t do it for me if I want to keep losing. Gotta workout and workout HARD. Monday was my first day back at the gym. This month I’m trying something new: Kickboxing. It’s a HARD workout. I’m really sore all over after Monday and Wednesday. I’m going to go to 3 sessions/week and then Saturday either walk/run on the Greenway or do the Pilates class if the weather is bad.

BTW, a plug for a fellow traveler on the weight-loss journey: www.theshrinkingmanproject.com and The Shrinking Man podcast (on iTunes). Doc has already lost more than 100 lbs and I’m really enjoying the podcast.

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Long time, no Post

Man, I have been so slack since Christmas. My excuses: Holidays, Bronchitis, Football, Snow…. I could go on. But this is a NO EXCUSES zone! I am planning on signing up for Boot Camp again in March. Need Travis to kick my bootay and the routine really helps keep me motivated. My size 16 jeans are getting tight again — Noooo!

Started this week back on the Eat Clean program. It’s not really hard and I haven’t been hungry except when I forgot to eat. Lots of veggies, oatmeal every morning…

I love it that the Junkies are helping each other. I’ll be trying to post more frequently and checking their blogs too!

Warrior Babe Out — heading to Ikea.

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